Tal Mor's Research Interests

Updated - 31/May/2006
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Research Areas

QIP: Theory and Implementation of:
Quantum Information
Quantum Computing
Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Communication

Modern Cryptography

Foundations of Quantum Theory

For my "Research Statement", see here
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My most important contributions

The numbers refer to my publication list
A proof of the security of quantum key distribution - [25]
On the insecurity of experimental quantum key distribution - [13]
Algorithmic cooling of spins: my 3 most important papers on this topic
PNAS (2002) - [17];
IJQI (2004) - [21];
Experimental heat-bath cooling - submitted

A Patent (US 6,873,154 B2, Mar. 29 2005) on algorithmic cooling
Non locality without entanglement and bound entanglement (3 papers)
Phys. Rev. A. (1999) - [8] ;
Phys. Rev. Lett. (1999) - [9] ;
comm. Math. Phys. (2003) - [18]