Tal Mor's Publication List

Update - 31/May/2006
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All papers are in alphabetic ordr unless stated otherwise

1. T. Mor,
"Non-identical anyons and new statistics for spinons and holons",
Physics Letters A, Vol 184, 29-36 (1993).

2. {Non-alphabetic} B. Huttner, N. Imoto, N. Gisin and T. Mor,
"Quantum cryptography with coherent states",
Physical Review A, Vol 51, 1863-1869 (1995);
Los-Alamos Archive (for the Archive, click here): Quant-ph 9502020.

3. E. Biham, B. Huttner and T. Mor,
"Quantum cryptographic networks based on quantum memories",
Physical Review A, Vol 54, 2651-2658 (1996);
Los-Alamos Archive: Quant-ph 9604021.

4. C. H. Bennett, T. Mor and J. Smolin,
"Parity bit in quantum cryptography",
Physical Review A, Vol 54, 2675-2684 (1996);
Los-Alamos Archive: Quant-ph 9604040.

5. E. Biham and T. Mor,
"Security of quantum cryptography against collective attacks",
Physical Review Letters, Vol 78, 2256-2259 (1997);
Los-Alamos Archive: Quant-ph 9605007.

6. E. Biham and T. Mor,
"Bounds on information and the security of quantum cryptography" ,
Physical Review Letters, Vol 79, 4034-4037 (1997);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9605010.

7. T. Mor,
"No-cloning of orthogonal states in composite systems",
Physical Review Letters, Vol 80, 3137-3140 (1998);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9802036.

8. C. H. Bennett, D. P. DiVincenzo, C. A. Fuchs, T. Mor, E. Rains, P. W. Shor, J. A. Smolin, and W. K. Wootters,
"Quantum nonlocality without entanglement",
Physical Review A, Vol 59, 1070-1091 (1999);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9804053.

9. C. H. Bennett, D. P. DiVincenzo, T. Mor, P. W. Shor, J. A. Smolin, B. M. Terhal,
"Unextendible product basis and bound entanglement",
Physical Review Letters, Vol 82, 5385-5388 (1999);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9808030.

10. T. Mor,
"Disentangling quantum states while preserving all local properties" ,
Physical Review Letters, Vol 83, 1451-1454 (1999);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9812020 (with a title ``On the disentanglement of states'').

11. T. Mor and D. R. Terno,
"Sufficient conditions for a disentanglement",
Physical Review A, Vol 60, 4341-4343 (1999);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9907036.

12. {Non-alphabetic} R. Vrijen, E. Yablonovitch, K. Wang, H. W. Jiang, A. Balandin, V. Roychowdhury, T. Mor, and D. DiVincenzo,
"Electron Spin Resonance Transistors for Quantum Computing in Silicon-Germanium Heterostructures",
Physical Review A, Vol 62, paper number 12306 (2000);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9905096.

13. G. Brassard, N. Lutkenhaus, T. Mor, and B. C. Sanders,
"Limitations of practical quantum cryptography",
Physical Review Letters, Vol 85, 1330-1333 (2000);
Also - EuroCrypt 2000 conference proceedings;
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9911054.

14. P. O. Boykin, T. Mor, M. Pulver, V. Roychowdhury, and F. Vatan,
"A New Universal and Fault-Tolerant Quantum Basis",
Information Processing Letters, Vol 75, 101-107 (2000);
Also - FOCS 1999 conference proceedings;
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9906054.

15. G. Brassard and T. Mor,
"Multi-particle entanglement via 2-particle entanglement",
Journal of Physics A, Vol 34, 6807-6814 (2001).

16. E. Biham, M. Boyer, G. Brassard, J. van de Graaf and T. Mor,
"Security of quantum key distribution against all collective attacks",
Algorithmica, Vol 34, 372-388 (2002);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9801022.

17. P. O. Boykin, T. Mor, V. Roychowdhury, F. Vatan, and R. Vrijen
"Algorithmic cooling and scalable NMR quantum computers",
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol 99, 3388-3393 (2002);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9906054.

18. D. P. DiVincenzo, T. Mor, P. W. Shor, J. A. Smolin, and B. M. Terhal,
"Unextendible Product Bases, Uncompletable Product Bases and Bound Entanglement",
Communication in Math. Phys., Vol 238, 379-410 (2003);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9908070.

19. G. Brassard, P. Horodecki, and T. Mor,
"TelePOVM -- a generalized quantum teleportation scheme",
IBM J. of Research and Development, Vol 48, 87-97 (2004);
Older Version: Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 9608005; 9906039.

20. E. Biham, G. Brassard, D. Kenigsberg, and T. Mor,
"Quantum computing without entanglement",
Theoretical Computer Science C, Vol 320, 15-33 (2004);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0306182.

21. J.M. Fernandez, S. Lloyd, T. Mor, and V. Roychowdhury,
"Algorithmic cooling of spins: a practicable method for increasing polarization",
International J. of Quantum Information, Vol 2, 461-477 (2004);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0401135.

22. J.M. Fernandez, T. Mor, and Y. Weinstein,
"Paramagnetic materials and practical algorithmic cooling for NMR quantum computing",
International J. of Quantum Information, Vol 3, 185-194 (2005);
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0511153.

23. {Non-alphabetic} L.J. Schulman, T. Mor, and Y. Weinstein,
"Physical limits of heat-bath algorithmic cooling",
Physical Review Letters, Vol 94, 120501 (2005).

24. T. Mor,
"On classical teleportation and classical nonlocality",
International J. of Quantum Information, Vol 4, 161-172 (2006)
[A special issue dedicated to the memory of Asher Peres];
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0511172.

25. E. Biham, M. Boyer, P. O. Boykin, T. Mor, and V. Roychowdhury,
"A proof of the security of quantum key distribution",
J. of Cryptology (to appear);
Also - STOC 2000 conference proceedings;
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0511175 (older version Quant-ph 9912053).

26. O. Izmerly and T. Mor,
"Chosen ciphertext attacks on lattice-based public key encryption, and modern (non-quantum) cryptography in a quantum environment",
Theoretical Computer Science (accepted for publication).

27. T. Mor and N. Yoran,
"Methods for scalable optical quantum computation",
Los-Alamos archive: Quant-ph 0603118.


To date, my significant conference papers have subsequently been published in professional journals and therefore are listed only above.