Slides for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence [Winter 2005]

These are the slides (in Hebrew!!!) for the course "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" given by Shaul Markovitch. There are two sets of slides - the older set is in PDF format. For some of the lectures in this semester there are new dynamic slides produced by the Keynote presentation software (made by Apple Computers).

The slides can be downloaded in several formats:

  1. Quicktime - Large: This is the best format to download. It is an interactive slide show that is most similar to the experience you had in class. Note, however, that the files are very large and a fast internet access is a must for downloading it. A free quicktime viewer can be downloaded from here . I recommend dowloading the interactive file to your local disk and playing it from there instead of just clicking on the link and playing it from the browser. If you do not feel like clicking too much, there is also a non-interactive movie.
  2. Quicktime - Medium: The slides will still be readable except some details occasionally.
  3. Quicktime - Small: Parts of the slides will not be readable. This format is best used together with the PDF versions where the text is clear.
  4. PDF for screen: This is a static printable version of the slides.
  5. PDF for print: The original slides have dark background for readability in class. This may present problem for people who wish to print the slides. This version is with black text on white background. One problem with this format is that some of the graphics will not appear in print.
  6. PDF handouts: Same as above but small printouts for class notes.

Note! To use the interactive movies do not click on the icons. press the right mouse button and save them to your disk. Then play them from the disk.

Subject Large Quicktime Medium Quicktime Small Quicktime PDF screen PDF print Notes Notes (white) Last update
Interactive non-Interactive Interactive non-Interactive Interactive non-Interactive
Administration N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A [1.5MB] [1.5MB] [1.5MB] [1.5MB] 7.11.2005
Introduction N/A N/A [17.3MB] [12.7MB] [10.7MB] [7.3MB] [5.9MB] [5.7MB] [5.9MB] [5.7MB] 7.11.2005
Problem Solving N/A N/A [13.4MB] [13.4MB] [4.3MB] [1.5MB] [7.1MB] [6.9MB] [7.1MB] [6.8MB] 8.11.2005
Blind Search N/A N/A [1.7MB] [1.7MB] [0.5MB] [0.5MB] [0.7MB] [0.7MB] [0.7MB] [0.7MB] 15.11.2005
Heuristic Search [38MB] [38MB] [4.1MB] [4.1MB] [0.9MB] [0.9MB] [1.9MB] [1.8MB] [1.8MB] [1.8MB] 15.11.2005
Local Search [48MB] [48MB] [4.5MB] [4.5MB] [0.8MB] [0.9MB] [2.5MB] [2.4MB]* [2.4MB] 21.11.2005
Games [3.8MB]* 10.1.2006
Concept Learning [3.9MB]* 10.1.2006
Decision Tree Learning Jan 2009

Slides from previous Semesters

Introduction [spring2003], Problem Solving[spring2003], Blind Search[spring2002] [ Lisp code ], Heuristic Search[spring2002], Astar[spring2002,updated 12-5-02], Games, Knowledge representation,Learning, Uncertainty.


The Lisp code for solving the Jars problem.
Shaul Markovitch