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I completed my Ph.D studies in the faculty of computer science in the Technion. I am now affiliated with HP-Labs. I still monitor my old e-mail regularly.

I am specialized in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling.

My main research interests these days are modeling with trivariate functions and the applications of these functions in:

My Ph.D advisor is professor Gershon Elber.

Contact information

Sagi Schein
HP Labs - Israel
Technion Haifa Israel
Zip : 32000
Phone :


Teaching Staff

Computer Graphics

During Winter 2005-2006 semester I will TA computer graphics course at the CS faculty.

I will also TA GPU seminar
My reception hours are - set in advance via e-mail.


I found the following free tools very helpful and robust
Irit - a solid modeler by Professor Gershon Elber.
vtk - The visualization tool kit. A great tool for general purpose visualization. High learning curve but great flexibility.
Gimp - the Gnu Image Manipulation Program is a great substitute for Photoshop.
fltk - the Fast Light Toolkit is a simple and easy to use cross platform UI toolkit.
python - Python is a nice OOP scripting language.
ImageMagick - a set of command line image manipulation tools. It can also be used as a library

PovRay - A free ray-tracer that let you create whatever images you care, polygonal and freeform surfaces are supported as well as complex media and texture options.

Swig - A wrapper compiler for linking scripting languages with libraries written in compiled languages.


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