Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Machine-learning, Data-mining, Distributed Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Peer-to-Peer Systems, Computer architecture.


Bercovici Sivan
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Computer Science Department
Laboratory of Computational Biology
Former PhD student Under the supervision of Prof. Dan Geiger

email: sberco AT cs DOT technion DOT ac DOT il

I am now a PostDoc at Serafim Batzoglou's lab.


S. Bercovici, C. Meek, Y. Wexler, D. Geiger, “Estimating genomewide IBD-sharing from SNP data via an efficient hidden Markov model of LD with application to gene mapping”, Annual International Conference of Intelligent Sysems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2010), August 2010.

S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, “Admixture Aberration Analysis: Application to mapping in admixed population using pooled DNA”, the Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB), April 2010.

S. Bercovici, I. Sharon, T. Shlomi, R. Pinter “Pathway-Based Functional Analysis of Metagenomes”, the Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB), April 2010.

D. M. Behar, S. Rosset, S. Tzur, S. Selig, G. Yudkovsky, S. Bercovici, J. B. Kopp, C. A. Winkler, G. W. Nelson, W. G. Wasser, and Karl Skorecki, “African ancestry allelic variation at the MYH9 gene contributes to increased susceptibility to non-diabetic end-stage kidney disease in Hispanic Americans” Human Molecular Genetics, February 2010.

S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, “Inferring Ancestries Efficiently in Admixed Populations with Linkage Disequilibrium”, Journal of Computational Biology, 16 (8), 2009.

S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, L. Shlush, K. Skorecki, A. Templeton, “Panel Construction for Mapping in Admixed Populations via Expected Mutual Information”, presented at RECOMB 2008. published in the Genome Research Journal, March 2008.

J. Nousbeck, R. Spiegel, A. Ishida-Yamamoto, M. Indelman, A. Shani-Adir, N. Adir, E. Lipkin, S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, M. A. van Steensel, P. M. Steijlen, R. Bergman, A. Bindereif, M. Choder, S. Shalev, E. Sprecher, “Alopecia, Neurological defects and Endocrinopathy (ANE) syndrome caused by decreased expression of RBM28, a nucleolar protein associated with ribosome biogenesis”, American Journal of Human Genetics 82, 1114-1121, May 2008.

A. Shraer, S. Bercovici, G. Chockler, I. Keidar, R. Melamed, Y. Tock, and R. Vitenberg, “Local Building Blocks for a Scalable Pub/Sub Infrastructure”, Presented at the 2nd W'shop on Locality Preserving Distributed Computing Methods (LOCALITY '07), co-located with PODC'07, August 2007.

S. Bercovici, Y. Frishman, I. Keidar, and Ayellet Tal, “Decentralized Electronic-Mail”, In proceedings International Workshop on Dynamic Distributed Systems (IWDDS) in conjunction with the 26th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), July 2006.


S. Bercovici, “Admixture Mapping via Pooled DNA”, Poster, IBS 2010 - The 13th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium, April 2010.

S. Bercovici, “Admixture Aberration Analysis - Admixture Mapping via Pooled DNA”, Clinical Genomic Analysis Workshop, February 2010.

S. Bercovici, “Deciphering the ancsetry of admixed individuals”, Technion CS Research day, May 2009. Awarded best poster.

S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, “Deciphering the ancestry of admixed individuals”, European Conference on Complex Systems, September 2008.

S. Bercovici, D. Geiger, “Inferring Ancestry Efficiently in Admixed Populations”, DIMACS Workshop on Computational Issues in Genetic Epidemiology, August 2008.


   Admixture Mapping (MALD)
   EVE (2005)
   DEM (2004)
   Spring Systems (2003)