Michael A. Rudzsky

                    Senior Researcher

Faculty of Computer Sciences
Taub Building; Room 743.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Technion city; Haifa 32000

Tel: +972 (04) 829-49-61
Fax: +972 (04) 829-38-54

email: rudzsky@cs.technion.ac.il

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Research Interests

Astrophysics: Nuclear & Neutrino Astrophysics, Cosmology. Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Optical Metrology, Application of Computer Vision in Medicine  

Recent Projects

ˇ         A Real-Time System for Classification of Moving Objects Based on Motion and Appearance

ˇ         Behavior Classification by Eigen-decomposition of Periodic Motions

ˇ         Motion characterization from co-occurrence vector descriptor

ˇ         Cell Nuclei Segmentation Using Fuzzy Logic Engine

ˇ         Optimized overlay metrology marks

ˇ         Image-based wafer navigation

ˇ         Analysis of Circulating Particles Flow Characteristics From In-Vivo Video Microscopy

ˇ         Moving Objects and Types of Human Behavior Database



ˇ         Physics

ˇ         Data structures

ˇ         Visual Pattern Recognition


          AgileGuard Surveillance Software.

If you have  Windows XP download AgileGuard

If you have Windows 2000 you need  to install also DirectX 8 or 9



ˇ         EU Network of Excellence MUSCLE

ˇ          BEHAVE


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