Local Ratio papers by Reuven Bar-Yehuda:
A subset of cv file ( HTML ) 
a6. Bar-Yehuda, R. and D. Rawitz. Efficient Algorithms for Integer Programs with 
   Two Variables per Constraint Algorithmica 29(4):595-609, 2001.
   ( PDF )
   do only chapters 1-3

a7. Bar-Yehuda, R., Using Homogeneous Weights for Approximating the Partial Cover 
   Problem, Journal of Algorithm, 39, 137-144, 2001.
   ( PDF )

a8. Bar-Noy A., Bar-Yehuda, R., Freund A., Naor J., and B. Schieber, A unified approach to 
   approximating resource allocation and scheduling, Journal of the ACM, Vol. 48, No.5 (2001), 
   pp. 1069-1090. do only chapters 1-3.2
   ( PDF )
   ( PDF )

a10.Bar-Yehuda, R. and D. Rawitz. Local ratio with negative weights, 
   Operations Research Letters, Vol 32, Issue 6, Pages 540-546 (November 2004).
   ( LINK )

a13. Bar-Yehuda R., M. M. Halldorsson, J. Naor, H. Shachnai and I. Shapira, Scheduling Split Intervals, 
   13th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), January 6-8, 2002 San Francisco. Accepted
   for publication, SIAM J. Computing.
   ( PDF )
   do chapters 1-4 only

a16.Reuven Bar-Yehuda and Jonathan Laserson
   Exploiting Locality: Approximating Sorting Buffers,
   WAOA 2005,
   ( PDF )
a17.R. Bar-Yehuda I. Feldman and D. Rawitz,
   Improved Approximation Algorithm for Convex Recoloring of Trees,
   WAOA 2005, 	Theory of Computing Systems, 43, 3-18, 2008.
   ( PS )

a19.Reuven Bar-Yehuda, Michael Beder, Yuval Cohen, and Dror Rawitz.
	Resource allocation in bounded degree trees.
	Algorithmica, 54(1):89-106, 2009.
   ( LINK )
   ( PDF )

 a22. Amzallag, D.; Bar-Yehuda, R.; Raz, D.; Scalosub, G.,
   "Cell Selection in 4G Cellular Networks,"
   IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing,
   vol.12, no.7, pp.1443,1455, July 2013
   ( PDF )

a23.Bar-Yehuda R, D. Hermelin and D. Rawitz,
   An Extension of the Nemhauser-Trotter Theorem to Generalized Vertex Cover with Applications.
    735 SIAM J. Discrete Math. Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 287-300, 2010.
   ( PDF )

a24.  Reuven Bar-Yehuda, Danny Hermelin and Dror Rawitz.
	Minimum vertex cover in rectangle graphs.
	Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications.
   ( PDF )

Other papers that use the Local Ratio technique:

b1. Liane Lewin-Eytan, Joseph Naor and Ariel Orda,
   Admission control in networks with advance reservations,
   Algorithmica, Special Issue on
   approximation and online algorithms (by invitation),
   ( LINK )
   Vol. 40 (2004), pp. 293-304.

b3. Vineet Bafna, Piotr Berman, Toshihiro Fujito,
   A 2-Approximation Algorithm for the Undirected Feedback Vertex Set Problem,
   SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics Volume 12, Number 3 pp. 289-297
  ( LINK )

b4. Mao-cheng Cai, Xiaotie Deng, Wenan Zang:
   An Approximation Algorithm for Feedback Vertex Sets in Tournaments.
   SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. 30 (2000), 1993-2007.
   ( LINK )

b5. Toshihiro Fujito
   A Unified Local Ratio Approximation of Node-Deletion Problems (Extended Abstract)
   Lecture Notes In Computer Science; Vol. 1136 archive
   Proceedings of the Fourth Annual European Symposium on Algorithms 
   Pages: 167 - 178  Year of Publication: 1996
   ( LINK )
   ( LINK )

b6. Randeep Bhatia, Julia Chuzhoy, Ari Freund, and Joseph Naor,
   Algorithmic aspects of bandwidth trading, Proceedings of the
   30th International Colloquium on Automata,Languages, and Programming
   (ICALP), Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2003), pp. 751-766.
   ( Link )

b8. Amotz Bar-Noy, Sudipto Guha, Yoav Katz,
   Joseph Naor, Hadas Shachnai and Baruch Schieber,
   Throughput maximization of real-time scheduling with batching,
   Proceedings of the 13th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium
   on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), San Francisco, California (2002), pp. 742-751.
   ( PS )

b19.Rami Cohen, Dror Rawitz, Danny Raz,
   Time Dependent Multi Scheduling of Multicast,
   In 12th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 04),
   pages 216-227, September 2004, Bergen, Norway
   ( PDF ) Also a thesis under D. Raz Supervision
b21.Anna Moss and Dan Geiger,
   Optimization of Pearl's method of conditioning and greedy-like approximation algorithms
   for the vertex feedback set problem, Becker A., Geiger D.,
   Artificial Intelligence 1996; 83:167188  
   ( PDF )
   Optimization of Bayesian Inference and Approximation Algorithms for the Weighted Vertex Feedback Set Problem ,
   M.Sc. Thesis 1995
   ( PDF ) A thesis under D. Geiger Supervision

b23. Udo Adamy1, Thomas Erlebach2, Dieter Mitsche1, Ingo Schurr1,
    Bettina Speckmann3  and Emo Welzl1,
    Off-line Admission Control for Advance Reservations in Star Networks
    ( LINK )

b26. G. Even, J. Feldman, G. Kortsarz and Z. Nutov, 
	A 3/2-approximation for augmenting a connected graph into a two-connected graph, 
	The journal version of this paper is divided into two parts. 
    ( PS-first )
	Preliminary version in Approx 2001, pages 90--101 

b30. Julian Mestre,
	Adaptive Local Ratio.  SODA 2008 (received the Best Student Paper Award)
    ( PDF2 ) 

b31. Reuven Cohen Liran Katzir Danny Raz
An Efficient Approximation for the Generalized  assignment Problem, IPL 2006
    ( PDF ) 

b32. Shai Gutner,
Elementary approximation algorithms for prize collecting Steiner tree problems,
IPL, 107, 1, 30 , 39-44  , 2008
   ( PDF )

b33. Zhenbo Wang., Zhenhua Cui
Combination of parallel machine scheduling and vertex cover
Theoretical Computer Science 460 (2012) 10-15
    ( PDF2 ) 

b35. Christos Koufogiannakis, Neal E. Young
Distributed Fractional Packing and Maximum Weighted b-Matching via Tail-Recursive Duality
Distributed Computing Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceVolume 5805, 2009, pp 221-238 
    ( PDF2 ) 

b35. Marie-France Sagot b,c, Leen Stougied,e,
Vicente Acu-nab,c, Flavio Chierichetti a, Vincent Lacroixb,c,f, Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamelaa,
Modes and cuts in metabolic networks: Complexity and algorithms
   ( LINK )

b36. Julia'n Mestre, Jose' Verschae, A 4-approximation for scheduling on a single machine with general cost function
   ( LINK )

b37. Yaping Zhang, Yishuo Shi, Zhao Zhang
Approximation algorithm for the minimum weight connected k-subgraph cover problem
Theoretical Computer Science 05/2014
   ( LINK )