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Photo of Professor Reuven cohen Prof. Reuven Cohen, Technion

Graduate Students



Eli Stein, "An Efficient Approach for Emulating A Token-Ring LAN Over an ATM Network'' (M.Sc.1996).

Chip Ilan Evron, "Reliable Signaling in ATM Networks'' (M.Sc. 1996).

Chip Ehud Aharoni, "Restricted Dynamic Steiner Trees for Scalable Multicast in Datagram Network'' (M.Sc. 1996).

Chip Ina Minei, "High-Speed Access to the Internet Through Unidirectional Geostationary Satellite Channels'' (M.Sc. 1997).

Chip Gideon Kaempfer, "A TCP-based Approach for Reliable Multicast'' (M.Sc. 1998).

Chip Edi Bortnikov, "Resource Reservation over Multicast Trees'' (M.Sc., 1998).

Chip Oleg Frenkel, "Multicast Group Synchronization in ATM'' (M.Sc. 1999).

Chip Amit Cohen, "Dynamic Buffer Allocation by a WWW Server'' (M.Sc. 1999).

Chip Ina Minei, "High-Speed Access to the Internet Through Unidirectional Geostationary Satellite Channels'' (M.Sc. 1997).

Chip Yaniv Hamo, "Improving the Performance of TCP in ATM Networks'' (M.Sc. 2001).

Chip Igor Markov, "Efficient Schemes for Web Server Partitioning'' (M.Sc. 2001).

Chip Eyal Felstine, "Hierarchical Routing in ATM Networks'' (Ph.D. 2002).

Chip Andrey Baranovsky, "IP Redirect'' (M.Sc. 2002).

Chip Amnon Shochot, "The "Global-ISP" Paradigm'' (M.Sc. 2005).

Chip Gabi Nakibli, "On the effectiveness of Loose Source Routing'' (Ph.D. 2007).

Chip Liran Kazir, "QoS-based Scheduling in Cellular Networks'' (Ph.D. 2008).

Chip Mhameed Aezladen, "Locally vs. Globally Optimized Flow-Based Content Distribution to Mobile Nodes'' (M.Sc. 2009; join supervision with Prof. Danny Raz).

Chip Alex Landau, "Efficient Schemes for Estimating the Number of Affected Nodes'' (Ph.D.2009).

Chip Boris Kapchits, "Energy-Efficient routing in Sensor Networks'' (Ph.D. 2010).

Chip Anna Levin, "Macro and Micro-Handovers in Mobile Networks'' (Ph.D., 2012).

Chip Ilia Nudelman, "Unicast and Multicast of Dependent Flows in Mobile Wireless Networks'' (Ms.C., 2012).

Chip Guy Grebla, "Cross-Layer Hybrid FEC/ARQ Reliable Multicast'' (Ph.D., 2013).

Chip Raziel Hess-Green , "Vulnerabilities of the Link State Routing Protocol'' (Ms.C., 2014).

Chip Ivgeny Moreshko , "Sampling on Demand in SDN'' (Ms.C., 2017).

Chip Aviv Yehezkel, "Generalizations of the Cardinality Estimation Problem and Applications to Computer Networks'' (Ph.D., 2017).

Chip Tamir Carmeli , "Analysis and Detection of BGP Prefix Hijack Attack'' (Ms.C., in progress).

Chip Ali Tabaja , "A Physical Layer Attack on a Smart City's Routing Protocol'' (Ms.C., in progress).

Chip Yuval Nezri, "Cardinality Estimation using Machine Learning '' (Ms.C., in progress).