KDubiq - Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery

Ubiquitous Technologies Working Group

Ubiquitous Technologies research in the Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery field deals with the interplay of the unique characteristics of ubiquitous system technology and of the knowledge discovery process. For instance, a central characteristic of ubiquitous system is that the data they store is widely distributed and constantly updating; we are interested in the effect of that on the correctness, or even coherence, of knowledge discovery. Another technological aspect is that of the communication infra-structure available in various ubiquitous systems, which is often non-reliable; we are looking at algorithms which can handle such infra-structure, and applications which can use the resulting outcomes.

This working group is intended for surveying, collecting, and organizing existing work which lays on the borderline of ubiquitous technology, on one hand, and knowledge discovery, on the other hand. On the technological side, we intend to create a taxonomy of ubiquitous technologies which is oriented towards knowledge discovery; i.e., which will describe a system according to the why data is represented, maintained, communicated, and analyzed in it. On the knowledge discovery side, we intend to likewise produce a taxonomy of knowledge discovery algorithms in terms of their computational requirements and the guarantees they provide about their outcome.

The second goal of this working group is community building. We intend to attract the community in three main ways: 1. Through the establishment of community resources (e.g., the taxonomies above). 2. Through the establishment of community forums (e.g., annual meetings at ECML/PKDD, and our on-line forums). 3. Through the establishment of a community marketplace, where members can offer projects (e.g., for prospective Ph.D. students, book chapters, etc.).

The KDubiq work group on ubiquitous technology is an open community which invites everyone to participate. Especially you. Currently, are registration services are still in establishment, so please feel welcome to join us by sending an e-mail to our coordinator.