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Ran Wolff

Management Information Systems
Haifa University - Israel


I completed my Ph.D. studies in the Computer Scienc Department of the 
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Then, did a post-doc at  UMBC  and back at the Technion. Previously I did my B.A. in computer science at the Technion and then worked for several years with Amdocs and Chip-Express


My research spans three main areas:


Papers in Refereed Journals

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings 

Professional Activities

Co-Chair of DM-Grid'04 - a workshop on Data Mining and the Grid, in conjunction with ICDM 2004

PC Member of HPDM'05 - 8th International Workshop on High Performance and Distributed Mining, in conjunction with SDM 2005

PC Member of KDD'05 - The Eleventh ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

PC Member of ICDM'05 and ICDM'06 - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining

PC Member of LifeDDM - International Workshop on Distributed Data Mining in Life Science

Member of the EU - Data Mining Grid Project

Working group leader for the Ubiquitous Technologies WG of KDubiq


Winter 2006/07 I teach the Data Communication course.

Spring 2007 I am going to teach an advanced course in Distributed Information Systems.

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