Advanced Topics in Computer Science

236604 is a graduate course given at the Technion's Computer Science Department. The topics studied vary from year to year. The 1996-7 Winter Semester course presents algorithmic issues in high-performance networks.

Prerequisites: None.

The course discusses the design and analysis of algorithms for several problems that arise in the context of high preformance networking technologies. The course focuses on abstract mathematical models that capture some key features of existing and proposed technologies, such as ATM or all-optical networks, but are not limited to the precise details of this or other standard.

The purpose of the course is twofold. Students interested in theory of computation will get a taste of a range of combinatorial and probabilistic techniques through the lens of communication applications. Students interested in communication networks will get a taste of rigorous algorithmic solutions to some network management problems.

The topics studied are roughly divided into three categories: network control, network design, and applications. One major omission from the syllabus is the issue of security. This issue is discussed in other courses given by the department.

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Meets on: Thursdays, 12:30-14:30, 104 Ullman.


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