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Graduate Students

M. Sc. Students

  1. Baruch Schieber ``Parallel Algorithms for Finding Maximum Bipartite Matchings and Maximum Flow in 0-1 Networks'', December 1984.
  2. Shalom Goldenberg ``Algorithm for Simulation of Distributed Algorithm'', (joint supervision with E. Korach - co-supervisor), March 1985.
  3. Yaron Wolfstahl ``Extended Impossibility Results for Asynchronous Networks'', February 1986.
  4. Shalom Mordechay ``Improvements on Distributed Algorithms'', (joint supervision with S. Zaks), February 1986.
  5. Yossi Malka ``A Distributed Scheduler for Communication Networks'', (joint supervision with S. Zaks - primal supervisor), March 1988.
  6. Shlomi Dolev ``Self Stabilization of Dynamic Systems Assuming Only Read/Write Atomicity'', (joint supervision with A. Israeli - co-supervisor), January 1990.
  7. Yael Rindenau ``An Efficient Algorithm for the Maximum Dynamic Flow Problem'', (joint supervision with A. Israeli - primal supervisor), June 1991.
  8. Nechama Navony ``Randomized and Average Communication Complexities of Distributed Algorithms'', May 1992.
  9. Irit Yadin ``The Distributed Counter Problem'', February 1992.
  10. Ronit Lubitch ``Closed Schedulers: Motivations, Constructions and Applications'', May 1993.
  11. Hagit Brit ``Public Data Structures, and Public Counters as a Special case'', February 1994.
  12. Sagi Snir , ``A Simple and Efficient Method for Network Decomposition and Synchronization'', April 1997
  13. Alla Gorbach, ``Computing in Anonymous Asynchronous Shared Memory'', February 1999, (joint supervision with H. Attiya - co-supervisor).
  14. Ronny Lempel, ``Finding Authorative WWW-Sites by the Web Link Structure'', July 1999.
  15. Dorit Balter, ``Medical Records Confidentiality Problem", September 2003.
  16. Sivan Yogev, ``Evaluation of Scoring Functions for Protein Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Structural Alignments", January 2006.
  17. Daniel Doerr, ``Non-additive Substitution Rate Functions in Distance-Based Phylogenetic Reconstructions", November 2010 (joint supervision with Jens Stoye, primal supervisor).
  18. Yanir Damti, ``Adaptive Phylogenetic Distance and Implementation in PHYLIP" (joint supervision with I. Yavneh - primal supervisor), April 2017.
  19. Igor Zarivach, ``Mixed Integer Programming Accelerator" (joint supervision with Y. Shiloach - primal supervisor), In progress.

D.Sc. Students
  1. Shay Kutten ``Efficient Methods for Distributed Leader Election and Spanning Tree Construction''. (joint supervision with E. Korach - primal supervisor), June 1987.
  2. Gadi Taubenfeld ``An Axiomatic Approach for Proving Impossibility Results in Asynchronous Systems'', (joint supervision with S. Katz - primal supervisor), July 1988.
  3. Yaron Wolfstahl ``Algorithms for Graph Embedding and Covering'', June 1989.
  4. Ofer Biran ``Distributed Tasks in the Presence of Fail-Stop Failures'', (joint supervision with S. Zaks - co-supervisor), May 1991.
  5. Shlomi Dolev ``Self Stabilization of Distributed Dynamic Systems'', (joint supervision with A. Israeli - primal supervisor), January 1992.
  6. Lihu Rappoport, ``Lock-Free Implementations in the Asynchronous Shared memory Model'', January 1997.
  7. Tamar Eilam, ``Cost vs. Quality: Tradeoffs in Communication Networks'', August 2000 (joint supervision with S. Zaks - co-supervisor).
  8. Ronny Lempel, Link Structure Analysis and Query Result Caching in Web Search Engines, January 2003.
  9. Ilan Gronau, Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees from Noisy Metrics, July 2009.

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