Short Bio

I'm a graduate student at the Computer Science Department of the Technion in Israel (MSc, July 2015).
My research is focused on Software Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data [dissertation].
My Advisor is the one and only Prof. Eran yahav.
I am interested in security and mobile, especially Android. While being an undergrad student (BSc in Extended Software Engineering from the Technion (Psagot). November 2014), I took part of a cool project that gained worldwide media coverage. Our goal was to test whether Waze is susceptible to Sybil Attack.
I am also a R&D team lead.


Exploiting Social Navigation

Meital Ben Sinai, Nimrod Partush, Shir Yadid and Eran Yahav


In the news: The hacker news, Popular science, The Jerusalem post, Wired, etc.
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Tracking Users ( & Spoofing )

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Code Similarity via Natural Language Descriptions

Meital Ben Sinai and Eran Yahav
[pdf] [slides] [talk] [dissertation]

Leveraging a Corpus of Natural Language Descriptions for Program Similarity

Meital Ben Sinai and Eran Yahav
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Personal Info

I live in Ra'anana, Israel and work as a R&D team lead. My awesome husband is Ran Zilberstein, which is also a CS gradute, so we have lots in common. During my free time I love to run, cook, travel and take pictures


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