Lorina Dascal’s Homepage






Postdoc fellow at the Computer Science Department, Technion, Israel

Mentor: Prof. Ron Kimmel


E-mail: lorina@cs.technion.ac.il

Taub Building, room 437, tel: 972-4-8294895


Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University, 2006.

 “Maximum principle and well-posedness of partial differential  equations (PDEs) based models in image processing”

Advisor: Dr. Nir Sochen



Research Interests:


1. Maximum principle and stability properties for nonlinear second order partial differential  equations in image processing.

2. Analysis of finite differences schemes for parabolic nonlinear equations.

3. Bregman distances and their applications in image processing and analysis.

4. Acceleration schemes.

5. Convex optimization


Publication list:


Papers in Journals


1.     S. Kamin, L. Dascal, “Long time slow expansion of hot bubbles in gases”, Optimal Control and Partial Differential Equations, IOS Press 2000.

2.     L. Dascal, N. Sochen, “A  maximum principle for the Beltrami color flow”, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 65(5):1615-1632, 2005.

3.     L. Dascal, S. Kamin, N. Sochen, “Variational inequality for discontinuous solutions of degenerate parabolic equations”, RACSAM, Revista de la  Real  Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Serie A: Matematicas, Vol. 99(2), 243-256, 2005.

4.      L. Dascal, A. Ditkowski, N. Sochen, “A study of the discrete maximum principle for the Beltrami color flow”,  Journal 

of  Mathematical  Imaging in Vision, Vol. 29(1), 63-77, 2007.

5.     G. Rosman, L. Dascal, R. Kimmel, A. Sidi, “Efficient Beltrami color flow by extrapolation methods", submitted to IEEE Trans. in Image Processing, August 2007.


Papers in Conference Proceedings


1.     L. Dascal, N. Sochen, “On the maximum principle of the Beltrami color  flow’’, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Scale-Space Methods in Computer Vision, Isle of Skye, Scotland, 2003.

2.     L. Dascal, G. Rosman, R. Kimmel, “Efficient Beltrami color flow by extrapolation    methods’’, Proceedings of

     Scale Space and  Variational Methods  Conference, June 2007.


Technical report


 L. Dascal, M. Zibulevsky and R. Kimmel, “Signal denoising by  constraining the residual to  be  statistically  noise similar”, CS  Technion

 Technical Report, January 2008.