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I'm currently working on Bing -  the new Search Engine of Microsoft that effectively competes with Google. My current project is Dynamic Crawler. The basic idea of dynamic crawling is to use internet explorer instances to crawl URLs and render them so that dynamic content can be obtained
I received M.Sc. from Computer Science Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel.
I received
B.Sc (Summa Cum Laude) in Computer Engineering from Electrical Engineering Department, Technion.

My M.Sc. advisor is Dr. Ziv Bar-Yossef. Our research focused on Local Approximation of PageRank and Reverse PageRank.
  • Web search and its applications

  • Algorithms

  • Social networks



  • Formal verification of a memory management unit - spring 2003. Corporate project with Cisco Systems. Summary. Joint work with Carmit Tamir. In this project we performed formal verification of a real live Cisco design.

  • Network game for PDA based on BlueTooth protocol - summer 2002. Presentation and Poster. Joint work with Ran Ruder. In this project we built a multiplayer action game for pocket pc. The game was based on BlueTooth network.

Interesting Applications  

WiPeer- file sharing, chatting and games over WiFi -
        If you have a laptop, or a home/office network, you may wish to try.



Gabi and Li-Tal travels

Climbing Kilimanjaro  

Washington state and more 

Wadi Hasa - Jordan

Gabi and Li-Tal in India and Nepal

Shvil Israel

Trekking in New Zealand


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