Computer Science Links

The Books That Every Computer Science Graduate Must Have

Computers and Intractability

Design Patterns

Security and Cryptography

Security Focus - Security Information

Cryptographic Applications (Hebrew)

RSA Security Labs

Technical Information and Guides

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms in Wikipedia

Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations

Complexity Zoo - Complexity classes collection

What is - Computers Glossary


Simple Unix Guide

Academic Links

Technion Library

Citeseer - a good site for finding papers


The SCEAS System - Citation analysis

Scopus – citation tracker

Informatics - another site for finding papers

Computer Science Bibliography

Theory of Computer Science

A compendium of NP optimization problems

Parameterized Complexity Home Page

Peter Brucker Scheduling Summary

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

Collection of Lecture Notes, Surveys, and Papers

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