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Last updated: 27. July, 2004

Sandor 1887-1959

born in Trnava 1887 (June 4), died in Zurich 1959. CEO of Hungaria, Chemical Industries, a multi-national company in Budapest. Special prisoner of the Gestapo, interned March 1944- October 1944 in Budapest, October 1944 in Mauthausen, October 1944- May 1945 in Berlin. Returned to Budapest in May 1945. Emigrated to Zurich in 1948.
Sandor's story


Rozsi Deutsch-Pick, born 2.2.1891 in Budapest, died 1.2.1959 in Zurich.

Interned by the Gestapo March 1944-October 1944 in Kisztarcsa, together with daughter Marika and brother Marci.
Pick family

Left: Marika Deutsch and Johanna Pick, ca. 1930
Right: Rozsi Deutsch, Kaethe Fuerst-Deutsch, Marika Deutsch, Sandor Deutsch, Sandor Pick


Denes Deutsch, born 21.5.1921 in Budapest, died 1994 in Toms River, NJ, USA
Marika Makowsky-Deutsch, born 14.10.1923 in Budapest, died 1987 in Zurich, previously married to Andras Majtenyi (aka Markovits). Marika's story
Blood group: AB positive
Andras Majtenyi (born Markovits) was the son of Petronella (Nelly) Markovits-Braun and Jeno (Jacob) Markovits.
Jeno's story
Andras' story

Left picture: Denes and Marika, ca. 1940
Middle picture: Denes, Andrea and Hanny, ca. 1962
Right picture: Andrea and Mark, 1994

Left picture: ca. 1987
Yuval, Janos and Amichai Makowsky
Right picture: ca. 1951
Above: Marika Makowsky-Deutsch, Gabriel Makowsky, Denes Deutsch and Hanny Stoeckly
Below: Sandor Deutsch, Janos Makowsky (aka Majtenyi), Rozsi Deutsch

Left picture: (Wedding Makowsky-Gantner, 1970)
Above: Andras Majtenyi, Marika Makowsky-Deutsch, Mr. and Ms. Gantner
Below: Bettina Heintz (witness), Janos Makowsky and Ruth Makowsky-Gantner, Johann Neidhart (witness)
Left middle picture: (1994)
Micha Manskleid (brother of Irit), Amichai Makowsky, Irit Manskleid-Makowsky, Izchak Kominkowski (grandfather of Irit)
Right middle picture: (1994)
Irit Manskleid-Makowsky, Izchak Kominkowski, Yuval Makowsky
Right picture: (1993)
Janos Makowsky and Maria Nikolayevna Yelenevskaya (Makowsky)
  1. Birth certificate Sandor Deutsch: several versions
  2. Marriage certificate Sandor Deutsch and Rozsi Pick: 19.4.1919
  3. Blood certificate Sandor Deutsch: A+
  4. Death certificate Sandor Deutsch: 16.5.1959
  5. Birth certificate Rozsi Pick, 2.2.1891
  6. Death certificate Roszi Pick, 1.2.1959
  7. Blood certificate Marika Deutsch: AB+
  8. Blood certificate Janos Makowsky: B(III)-
Living descendants: Denes' daughter Andrea (born December 10, 1956) and Marika's son Janos (born March 12, 1948).
  • Janos is married for the third time: 1970-73 with Ruth Gantner (from Zollikon, Switzerland); 1976-1987 with Irit Manskleid (from Tel Aviv) who died in 2002; and since 1991 with Maria (Masha) Nikolaevna Yelenevskaya (from Leningrad).
    Janos' story
    Janos' homepage
  • Andrea is married to Mark Kulberda, born March 18, 1954.
    Janos' children (with Irit Manskleid): Amichai and Yuval
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