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Regine **

Regine Weiss-Deutsch, born 15. July, 1869 in Trnava. Died 27. May 1962 in Melbourne.
Emigrated in 1939 with Husband and daughter Kaethe and her family Melbourne, Australia. Her son Alexander Weiss and his family came via Shanghai to reach in 1946 Australia.

Husband: Michael Max Weiss, born 18.1. 1863, died 18.7.1945 in Melbourne. Married to Regine 15.3.1891. He was the owner of Kaufhaus Michael Max Weiss at Altenplatz. His brother Emmanual Max Weiss died in Vienna Sep. 8, 1939, and is buried in Vienna Zentralfriedhof, New Jewish Section, Tor 4, Gruppe 20A, Reihe 17, Grab 20. There were many other siblings.


  • Alexander J. White (Alexander Weiss), born 20.1. 1892, died 3.1. 1966.
    Married on 25.5. 1926. Margarete Salzer, born 19.2.1901, died 15.2. 1973.
  • Katherine (Kaethe) Weiss, born 27.6. 1897, died 3.3.1970.
    Married, June 1923, Arthur Newman (Neumann), born 4.11.1889, died 3.7.1971.

    Alexander's child

  • Kurt Robert Weiss (Robert Kenneth White), born 23.1.1928, died May 1, 1992.
    Married, 22.12.1952, to Maria Burger, born 27.8. 1932.

    Kaethe's children

  • Gerald Newman, born 31.8.1923, died in 1986.
    He married a Barbara and had 2 children, Neither are married and no children.

  • Herbert Claus Newmann, born 12.10. 1927.
    He married twice: 17.2.1953 Barbara Stuart Mawson, died 29.6.1981 and 9.7.1982 Mary Catherine Goodwill.
    From first marriage three daughters: e-mail: Naomi Setchfield-White: setchx2@vol.net

    Left picture: (Herbert's Bar Mitzva or Michael max's 75th birthday)
    Below: Regine Weiss-Deutsch, Herbert Neumann, Michael Max Weiss
    Above: Raoul Gerhard Neumann, Kaethe Neumann-Weiss, Arthur Neumann, Margrit and Alexander Weiss and son Robert
    Right picture: (Robert's (Kurt) wedding)
    Below: Margrit Weiss Regine Weiss, Robert Weiss and his wife, Alexander Weiss
    Above: Peter Witting (?), Arthur Newman, Kaethe Newman, Barbara Newman, Herbert Newman, Fred Arndheim (Witting and Arndheim are friend from Shanghai)

    Masha Yelenevskaya (Makowsky) and Herbert Newman, Herbert and Janos Makowsky, 2004