Karl *

born Trnava 1878, died 1936 in Trnava
Frieda Deutsch-Milch ---- Arpad and his wife Erzsi and Karl in Marienbad, ca 1934
Wife: Frieda Deutsch-Milch, deported by the Germans.
Children: Anna Lager-Deutsch (Nusi) was married to Rezso Lager and died in October 2003 in Bratislava. Her siblings Suzi and Tibor were deported by the Germans and perished in the Holocaust.

Above: Rudolf (Rezsoe) Lager, Anna (Nusi) Lager-Deutsch, Zsuzsi and Tibor Deutsch
Below: Karl Lager and Frieda Deutsch-Milch, ca 1944
Descendants: Nusi's son Karl Lager, born 1936, died January 2004.
Living descendants: Karls's daughter Sasha Lager (born 1972 in Bratislava)

Nusi and Karl ----- Sasha
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