Joseph *, **

born 20. Oct. 1867, died XXX

Wives: XXX and Ida Pressburger.
Ferry (Ferdinand) ,from first marriage XXX.
Rozsi Kovacs-Deutsch, (died in Budapest, 199x) with husband Mr. Denes Kovacs.

Rozsi and Janos, Budapest, ca. 1984

Laszlo Deutsch (born 18.1.1909, died January 1990)

(Laszlo Danos aka Laidley Danos aka Laidley Darvay aka Leslie Darvey) emigrated with his wife Hedwig Roth to Australia.

Laszlo Darvey and Hedwig Roth, Laszlo Darvey and children, Ivan and Norman

In Hungary he was a renown composer of light music. His greatest success was a musical Dr. Jazz. He continued his muscial career in Australia under the names Leslie Darvey (for concert music) and Dan Leslie (for light music).
Holocaust victims: Ferry and Denes Kovacs.
Living descendants:
Children of Lesley.
Norman Lesley Darvey (born 30.4.1945, married to Beverley)) and Ivan George Darvey (born 7.12.1941, married to Jeniver) live in greater Sidney, Australia.

Daughter of Norman and Beverley: Rachel (born 14.6.1982),
Daughters of Ivan and Jeniver: Melissa (born 26.7.1989) Heather (born 28.9.1993)


Beverly and Norman with daughter Rachel------------ Jenniver and Ivan and daughters Melissa and Heather and dog, 2004