Janos Makowsky's bio

I was born in Budapest (1948) and brought after divorce of the parents to Switzerland in 1949. Mother married again and we had first a pleasant luxury life, which deteriorated (from three servants to bankruptcy) and came to a dramatic climax with February 1958 the suicide of my stepfather, and February 1959 the death of grandma Rozsi Deutsch, followed by the death of Sandor Deutsch in June 1959. Mother and I were left alone and had to start from scratch, as Denes left for the States after ruining some of the possible inheritance (a long story, which I have confirmed from both sides, Marika and Denes).

I excelled in studies, and mother started to work. Mother had problems with suitors and boyfriends, and I wiggled out of all this with an early marriage (Ruth) which lasted till I finished my Ph.D. in 1973. I had academic stints in Warsaw, Stanford, Vancouver, Florence, Jerusalem and for 5 years was a junior lecturer in Berlin. I married Irith in Israel in 1976, my father, emigrated from Hungary after jail in 1956 to Paris, I established some kind of relationship, but he died early, an alcoholic and womanizer, in 1977.

My children were born in Berlin, Amichai 1978, Yuval in 1979. We moved to Haifa in 1980, where I am a full professor now. I had an ugly divorce from Irith in 1987.

My mother was a successful business woman in high fasion (pret-a-porter), but had breast cancer in 1966, was breast amputated but lived well till 1985, when it deteriorated again. She died 1987 in my arms at home in Zurich.

I met my current wife Masha in 1991 just after the first Iraq war and we are happily married. My exwife Irith died last year of breast cancer. The children are now very close to me, but live independently.