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Last updated: 26. August 2004


born in Trnava 1875, died in Zurich 1955.


Moritz Oestereicher (1870-1956) in Vienna, later New York and Zurich. A famous jeweller.

Left: Hermine and Moritz in Zurich, ca. 1953
Right: Their gravestone at the Oberer Friesenberg Jewish Cemetery in Zurich
OESTERREICHER, Juwelier und Silberschmied, Wien I, Graben 7, Tel: R 20-4-71
The Oesterreicher family


Otto's second wife Marianne Ostier is a famous jeweller who won the Diamond Award several times in the 1950ties. Otto was also a jeweller. They had their offices on Fifth Avenue in New York opposite to Tiffany's. They created jewelry for prominent customers, among them the wedding jewelry of Patrizia Nixon.
After Otto's death much of the private collection of jewelry was auctioned at Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. New York, in 1969. Marianne Ostier, the artist

The money was donated to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem (Research report). for the building of the Marianne & Oliver Ostier Intensive Care Unit. A painting by Bosch (or his school) was donated to the Tel Aviv Museum. There seems to be also a street in Jerusalem named Ostier.

Left picture: Otto and Marianne, ca 1946
Middle picture: Otto, Moritz, Hermine und Alex, 1954
Right picture: Alex and his wife Lydie, ca 1958

Marianne and Flippy

NN, NN, Jacques Oesterreicher, Hermine Oesterreicher, Moritz Oesterreicher, Valeire David, Denes Deutsch,
1949 in New York, Ostier apartment, Central Park South.

Left: Valerie David, Hermine Oesterreicher, Moritz Oesterreicher, Marianne Ostier, Oliver Ostier (aka Otto Oesterreicher), Hanny Deutsch
Right: Moritz Oesterreicher, Valerie David, Hanny Deutsch, NN, NN, Helen Kemeny and Alexander Kemeny. NN, NN
Among the unidentified are (seemingly): Jacques wife, a brother of Moritz, a cousin of Marianne, and their inlaws.
1949 in New York, same occasion as above.

Left: Hanny Deutsch, Jacques Oesterreicher, NN, Rezsoe Lager
Valerie Weiss-David, Nusi Lager, Denes Deutsch
1968 in New York, after Soviet Occupation of Czechoslovakia the Lagers visited the US.

Living descendants:

6 children of Arthur: Milena Oesterreicher-O'Connor (1957), Suzanne Oesterreicher-Freudberg (1959), Jennie Oesterreicher-Kerwood (1960), Brian Oesterreicher (1963), Harry Oesterreicher (1968) and Lamiel Oesterreicher (1979).
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Harry Oesterreicher 2004

Harry Oesterreicher reports:

My father was Arthur Oesterreicher, son of Jacques Oesterreicher and Kathe Feldmar. My understanding is that Jacques and Kate brought Arthur first to Paris in 1937 or so. In 1939, they began their flight through France, Spain and Portugal, to Cuba and finally arriving in New York City in 1941. Arthur married my mother, Tybee Jacobson, in 1957. They had five children together, of whom I am the youngest. Arthur had a sixth child with another woman, Lou Ann Collins. I will list my siblings here, and if you are compiling a family tree, I can give you more information, including birthdates and their childrens' names.

I live in Seattle, Washington as does my brother Brian. Milena and Suzanne live in Massachussetts, and Jennie lives in New York state. Our half-sister Lamiel lives in Brooklyn.

All the best, Harry Oesterreicher 5016 20th Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107 USA Telephone: 206-618-9970

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