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Hermann (Armin, Haschel) Deutsch, born 15. September 1871, in Nagyszombat (Trnava), Hungary. Died 20. August, 1917, of Malaria while serving in the Austro-Hungarian Army in Montenegro. Buried 21. August 1917 on the military cemetry in Cetinje. Military rank: Landsturm-Infanterist des k.u.k. Infanterie Regiments Nr. 72, Baukomp. 2/83 (Soldier in an engineering unit). Buried in the military cemetety there. He was a butcher.


Sidonie Sara Jellinek (Deutsch-Jellinek, Faltin) born 10. February 1877 in Ungarisch Brod (Brod, Hungary). daughter of Adolf Jellinek and Elisabeth Spiegler. Died 19. August 1944 in German Hospital in Hackney, England.
Remarried on 20. February 1924 to Carl Faltin, widower, born 5. May, 1856 in Samsin (close to Vienna), son of Josef Faltin and Franziska Kafka. later a Mr. Faltin.



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