David Deutsch and descendants

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* family suffered losses because of the Holocaust
** emigration because of Nazi occupation

Trnava: Deutsch Residence Right side, with car in front

David Deutsch

Left: David Deutsch (painting), Middle: Bertha Deutsch (painting) Right: Bertha Deutsch (photograph)
born in Pudmeric (Budmerice) 1840, a cohen, emigrated in 1860 to New York, but returned to Trnava (Nagy-Szombat) in 1861. In 1870 he was granted the licence to run a butchershop (Fleischausschank) in Trnava. He died in Trnava 20.11.1911. He was a grain dealer and traded on the commodity exchange in Vienna.
His business address was in 1913:

David Deutsch & Sohn,
Gerste-Export, Getreidegeschaeft und Malzfabrik,
Nagyszombat (Trnava).
Telefon Nu: 17. Telegramme: David Deutsch Nagyszombat

Parents: Joseph Deutsch, Innkeeper and butcher. Nothing is known about his wife, but they are both buried in Cseste.

Preserved documents:

Wives of David Deutsch

  1. Hanni Deutsch-Weldler

    Died in 1874 (?)

  2. Bertha (Elisabeth, Beile) Deutsch-Rosenbaum

    Born 10.9.1855 in Trnava, died 22.9.1919 in Trnava Married to David Deutsch on March 29, 1875. Daughter of Moritz Rosenbaum and Anna (=Annette=Netty) Weldler
    A (second?) cousin of Hanni Weldler.

    The Rosenbaum's and Weldler's were related. More.

      Children of David Deutsch and Hanni Weldler

    1. 1866, Bertha **

      Bertha (Berta) Engel-Deutsch, born 19. Oct. 1866, died in the Holocaust.
      Bertha's family

    2. 1867, Joseph *, **

      born 20. Oct. 1867, died XXX
      Joseph's family

    3. 1869, Regine **

      Regine Weiss-Deutsch, born 15. July, 1869 in Trnava. Died 27. May 1962 in Melbourne.
      Emigrated in 1939 with Husband and children and their families via Shanghai to reach in 1946 Australia.
      Regine's family

    4. 1871, Hermann **

      Hermann (Armin, Haschel) Deutsch, born 15. September 1971, died 1917 of Malaria while serving in the k.u.k Forces in Cetinje (Montenegro). Buried in the military cemetety there. He was a butcher.
      Hermann's family

      Children of David Deutsch and Bertha Rosenbaum

    5. 1875, Hermine **

      born in Trnava 1875, died in Zurich 1955.
      Hermine's family

    6. 1879, Karl *

      born Trnava 1878, died 1936 in Trnava
      Karl's family

    7. 1880, Stefania (Steffi) **

      Born 1880 in Trnava, died 1945 in Melbourne.
      Married to Adolf Hermann (Abraham Zvi) David born 1868 in Galgocz (Slovakia), died 1951 in Melbourne.
      Steffi's family

    8. 1881 or 1882, Jacques (Jacob)

      Emigrated to New York in 1905, still single.
      Jacques's family,

    9. 1887, Sandor *

      born in Trnava 1887 (June 4), died in Zurich 1959. CEO of Hungaria, Chemical Industries, a multi-national company in Budapest. Special prisoner of the Gestapo, interned March 1944- October 1944 in Budapest, October 1944 in Mauthausen, October 1944- May 1945 in Berlin. Returned to Budapest in May 1945. Emigrated to Zurich in 1948.
      See also www.cs.technion.ac.il/~janos/FHIST/history.html
      Sandor's family

    10. 1890, Arpad *

      born in Trnava 1890, died in Prague 1939 (suicide after Germans occupied Czechoslovakia).
      Arpad's family, Arpad's story

    11. 1896, Kaethe *

      born ca. 1896, married Deszoe Fuerst.
      Lived in Szombathely.
      Perished in the Holocaust. No children
      Kaethe's family,

      Kaethe with Sandor in Pajta-Puszta, ca. 1939

    Big family picture

    With Regine, Sandor, Steffi, Kaethe, Arpad and Karl

    Big family picture ca. 1934, at the Alexander Deutsch Residence in Budapest, Lendvai Utca 16.

    From left to right
    below: Regine Weiss-Deutsch, Alexander (Sandor) Deutsch, Rozsi Deutsch-Pick (Alexander's wife), Johanna Pick Uffenheimer (Rozsi's mother), Frieda Deutsch-Milch (Karl's wife), Stefanie (Steffi) David-Deutsch, Kaethe Fuerst-Deutsch, Arpad Deutsch, Denes Deutsch (Alexander's son)
    above: Marcel Pick (Rozsi's brother), Elisabeth Deutsch-Rosenfeld (Arpad's wife), Marika Deutsch (Alexander's daughter), Sandor Pick (Rozsi's brother), Karl Deutsch

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