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Bertha **

born 19. Oct. 1866, died in the Holocaust:
last residence before deportation: Brno
Transport Ad, c. 912 (23.03.1942 Brno -> Terezin)
Transport An, c. 482 (25.04.1942 Terezin -> Warsaw)
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Bertha Engel-Deutsch and Adolf (Aron) Engel

Husband: Adolf Engel (died in Vienna in 1938).
Children: Hilda, Jenny and Oskar.
Hilda married Sigmund Berisch. Sigmund had two children in a follow up marriage: Julzca and Joszi. Jozsi emigrated in 1938 to Palestine.
Jenny married Heinrich Abeles.
Oskar Engel (21.10.1892-1974) married (Helena) Hellus Weiss (23.12.1897-1941), daughter of Isidor Weiss, brother of Michael Max Weiss, Regine Deutsch's husband. Sara Weiss is the mother of both Isidor and Michael.
Oskar then married Giza and later divorced her. Then he married Etus Blatt (?).

Documents: From Helena Engel's birth, marriage and death certifcates:

Grandchildren: Hilda: Edith Jenny: Marianne Oskar: Harry (26.2.1923-31.10.2000) and George Engel (born 1924).
Known living descendants: George Engel, who became David George Gil his twin sons, Gideon and Daniel Gil (born 1957), and two daughters of Harry Engel: Ilana Engel-Levy and Elisheva (Elisabeth) Engel Hummel.

Harry and George

Harry Engel became Yair Engel and married Jutta Grosz (from Bratislava) He learned carpentry at the Tietz School at Kibbutz Yagur (1939-??). He was one of the early residents of Kibbutz Ein Gev. He he joined the British Navy and served 1944-46 in Alexandria.

George Engel

The Tragic story Oskar and Hellus, and their children

They sent their children with Youth Aliah to Palestine after Oskar was arrested and deported to Buchenwald.
Oskar and Jacques Oesterreicher are first cousins. Two letters from Hellus (Vienna) to Jacques Oesterreicher (Paris), asking for help in getting visas, so Oskar can be set free from Buchenwald for emigration.
Letter from 1.3.1939: page 1, page 2,
Letter from 8.8.1939: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5,
Affidavit of support in the US by Louis H. Dorman, Brooklyn, NY, from the Dorman Cheese Company, who states that they are cousins.
The affidavit was issued on November 29, 1939 and was valid till March 30, 1941.
Obituary of Victor Dorman, Louis Dorman's brother.
Harry went directly to Palestine and stayed at the beginning in Kibbutz Yagur attending the Tietz school for carpentry. George followed a year later, after spending a year in Sweden in a Zionist preparation camp, and stayed first at Kibbutz Kvutzat Schiller. The parents followed in 1940, after Oskar was released from Buchenwald, on an illegal transport of Jews to Palestine. They were seized by the British, and were to be deported to Mauritius on the "Patria", but the Patria was blown up by the Zionists (IRGUN and Haganah). Oskar and Hellus survived the explosion and swam to shore, but were arrested by the British and put into the British detention camp in Atlit. Hellus died shortly after from Typhus, but Oskar stayed there till 1942, when the camp was shut down (only to be reopened in 1945). Although, father Oskar and his two sons were alive, they never reunited as a family and had only loose contacts.

A detailed description (with some inaccuracies) can be found in the Interview with David Gil, from Oral History Collection of the Center of Jewish History, Digital Collection Series:

George Engel became David George Gil in 1952, and emigrated in 1957 to the US. He joined the Faculty of Brandeis University in 1964, and became full professor (homepage) at Brandeis University (Professor of Social Policy) in 1969. He was also an activist the Socialist Party of the US (serving as its co-chair from 1995-1999). A full CV can be found here . He got married to Eva A. Bresslauer (from Berlin), August 2, 1947; They have children: Daniel, Gideon (twins) born in 1957. Gideon is a journalist at the Boston Globe, and Daniel is a chief scientist at

Pictures from their family album

Aharon Engel, father of Adolf Engel, grandfather of Oskar Engel (left),
Sara Weiss, grandmother of Helus Engel, mother of Isidor and Michael Weiss (right).

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Oskar Engel, picture taken in Vienna before 1938 (left), Helus Engel-Weiss still in Vienna (two middle pictures)
Oskar Engel with his 3rd wife Etus Engel-Blatt, 1972 (right)

Harry Engel, David Gil (George Engel) and Eva Gil-Bresslauer (left)
The children of Elisheva (Elisabeth) Hummel-Engel: Shai, Orly and Keren (right)

Gideon Gil, Gideon and Lisa, Liana and Gideon Gil

Jutta Engel, Ilana and (front) Elisheva (left), Yair (Harry) and Jutta (right)
David (George) Gil (Engel), Eva Gil-Bresslauer, with Gideon and Daniel (left)
David (George) Gil (Engel), Eva Gil-Bresslauer (right)

Ilana, Elisheva (left)
Ilana, Jutta Engel, Elisheva (right)

Etus Engel-Blatt, Ilana Engel and Jutta Engel-Grosz

Engel Family meets the Makowsky Family, 2009

Left: Masha Yelenevskaya-Makowsky, Shai and Keren Hummel, Michael Gil and Elisheva Hummel; (On Elisheva's Balcony)
Right: Ilana and Shmuel Levy, Elisheva Hummel, Masha and Janos Makowsky (In the garden of the Makowsky Family)

Janos Makowsky, Eva and David Gil, Gideon Gil and Amichai Makowsky (at David and Eva's home)