Jen"o Markovits, born Jacob Marcovics, born 1899 in Nagyvarad, Hungary, bank clerk, jewish.
Jacob Marcovics became Eugene (Jen"o) Markovits and joined the Hungarian Communist Party in 1918 and stayed a member, even after it became illegal. After the Trianon Treaty, Nagyvarad became again Oradea (Rumania). He joined the Rumanian communist Party in 1930. When Oradea returned to Hungary in 1940, Markovits joined the illegal Hungarian Communist Party and was a member of the illegal antifascist cell, working under the command of J. Kadar and G. Peter. He was arrested in 1943 and set free in July 1944. After Szalasi's coup he went into hiding with his son in a mental hospital, where his wife worked as a nurse. From 1945-1948, J. Kadar was head of the Communist Party of greater Budapest, Z. Vas was Budapest's maire, and Markovits belonged to their closest circle. Already in April 1945 he was member of the antifascist committe of economic reconstruction, and soon after became Vice-director of the Monetary Institute. In 1946 its Socialdemocrat director L. Farago was ousted (but not arrested) and Markovits became its director and responsible for the nationalization of the big industries. In 1948 Markovits became director-general of MONIMPEX, the giant state controlled import/export company, which held in fact the monopoly over all import and export of food products and consumer goods. In 1953 he was ousted, and demoted to head its division of textile and fashion industries. He retired from this position in 1967, but remained active as consultant to the Hungarian economic reforms and died in 1971.