Arpad *

born in Trnava 1890, died in Prague 1939 (suicide after Germans occupied Czechoslovakia).
Wife: Elisabeth Deutsch nee Rosenfeld was born in 1897 and died in Bratislava in 1974.
Children: Erich Dolc (Deutsch) 1920-1993, Arbeitsdienst 1944-1945. Married first to Magda Tramer (suicide), and much later to Tessa Zabkayova.

Erich and his mother ---- Erich's wedding with Magda Tramer ------ Erich with Tessa Zabkayova, 1991
Arpad's second son, Peter Deutsch lives in Canada.

Living descendants:

Erich has a daughter Eva, living in Germany.
Peter has three children, Adam, Beverly and Marika living in Canada.

Living descendants: For details password required

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