J.A. Makowsky

The ISLA-2014 Lectures: P = NP over arbitrary structures

Held in Tezpur, India, 6-17 January, 2014

Posted 06.08.2014 , original slides are disabled.
NEW: An updated version of this course may be found at ESSLLI-2014

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GANESHA is the god of problem solving and trickery,
hence also of Logic and Mathematics,
see Ganesha and consorts SIDDHI and BUDDHI.

--- Here are two pictures of my own Ganesha---

This is a SHAKTI GANAPATI version, one of the 32 forms of GANAPATI, see the
Sritattvanidhi, "The Illustrious Treasure of Realities".
(height 34cm with podest, 25cm without, ivory carving, origin unknow)

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Comments about its origin and time are sollicited. Thanks.

Lectures 1-6 were delivered at ISLA-2014.
Here are some more lectures (to be extended):