Israel Steinfeld (israels AT cs technion ac il) 


I'm currently a PhD student in the field of Computational Biology, at the Computer Science department in the Technion, under the supervision of Dr. Zohar Yakhini


Fields of interest

Analysis and design of high-throughput measurement technologies.


System biology.

Epigenetics and its effect on gene expression regulation.


Academic Degrees 

B.Sc. - Bioinformatics, Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University, 2000-2004

M.Sc. – Life Science, Summa Cum Laude, Tel Aviv University, 2004-2007

Thesis:  The Influence of Chromatin Modifiers on Transcription.

Advisors: Prof. Ron Shamir and Prof. Martin Kupiec


Past Projects



Multi Knowledge






Lecturer in the course “Introduction to C Language”, Winter 2011, Spring 2012, Winter 2012

TA in the course “Informatics in Molecular Biology”, Winter 2011

TA in the course “Algorithms in Computational Biology”, Spring 2010, Spring 2011

TA in the course “Introduction to C Language”, Spring 2009, Winter 2009, Spring 2010, Winter 2010

TA in the course "Laboratory for Bioinformatics Tools”, Spring 2004-2005 (TAU)

TA in the course "General Genetics", Fall 2004-2005 (TAU)



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