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bullet Traits
bullet Template-template-paramters
bullet Throwing Constructors
bullet Heap Iteration with _heapwalk()
bullet In-program benchmarking
bullet The Y utility
bullet Tee streams in C++


bullet DirScanner: A Java class for wild-card based file matching
bullet Loading java.util.Properties from a unicode file
bullet A simple lexical scanner in Java
bullet BuildManager: A Java class for tracking build numbers
bullet WC - Word Count Utility


bullet WebcourseLinks - A Greasemonkey script that hacks Webcourse links to open in the current window
bullet Wikimedia Plus - A Firefox add-on that that adds history links to Wikimedia pages (Greasemonkey version)
bullet RTwitter - Retweet with a click - A Firefox add-on that that enables single-click retweeeting (Greasemonkey version)