Itay Maman

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I am teaching Software Design (236700). Other than, I am working at Google (Haifa). My Ph.D. dissertation (advisor: Prof. Yossi Gil) was about Formal Patterns in Java Programs. I blog about software design topics at Email:


bullet Micro Patterns in Java Code (pdf) (bibtex) (slides), in proceedings of OOPSLA'05
Micro Patterns detection program (download)
bullet JTL - the Java Tools Language (pdf), (bibtex), (slides), (JTL web-site), in proceedings of OOPSLA'06
bullet JTL and the Annoying Subtleties of Precise Micro-Pattern Definitions (pdf), in DPD4RE
bullet Towards IDE Support for Abstract Thinking (pdf), In ROA'08 (part of ICSE'08)
bullet Guarded Program Transformations using JTL (pdf), In proceedings of TOOLS-EUROPE'08
bullet Whiteoak: Introducing Structural Typing into Java (pdf), (the Whiteoak web-site), In proceedings of OOPSLA'08


bullet Topics: Programming languages, Software Design
bullet Whiteoak - Structural Subtyping in Java
bullet JTL - The Java Tools Language
bullet Micro Patterns


bullet Lecturer in charge - Spring 2007: Object Oriented Programming (236703)
bullet Teaching Assistant in charge - Spring 2005, Spring 2006: Object Oriented Programming (236703)
bullet Teaching Assistant in charge - Winter 2003/4, Winter 2004/5, Winter 2005/6: Software Design (236700)


bullet Babylon Builder, Babylon Pro
bullet Pep-Miner
bullet The Boost Variant library


bullet Multi-mehtods
bullet Subtype test
bullet Aspects in Middleware
bullet Concurrent and Distributed programming
bullet AspectJ2EE, Clasa (from the AODS-Europe meeting, May'05)
bullet No More Pain for XML's Gain (an overview of the XJ language)
bullet Attached types in Eiffel
bullet Infinite DBs
bullet Java: Developing on the Streets
bullet History of Programming Languages - Part 2: (pdf) (ppt)
bullet Draw
bullet Phd Seminar slides
bullet Phd Dissertation page