Twenty Years of Distributed Computing Research


the 20th ACM symp on Principles of Distributed Computing

To celebrate twenty years of PODC, the journal Distributed Computing is planning to publish a special issue, featuring surveys, retrospectives, and personal perspectives.  The issue will include the following contributions:
Topic  /  Tentative Title Authors Remarks  
How PODC began (and how formal models fit in) Nancy Lynch  retrospective 1
Lower bounds Faith Fich, Eric Ruppert and Nancy Lynch   2
Cryptography and cryptographic protocols Oded Goldreich   3
Compact data structures David Peleg and Cyril Gavoille   4
Action systems (theory of concurrency) Ralph Back and Reino Kurki-Suonio   5
Mutual exclusion Jim Anderson and Yongjik Kim   6
Dealing with the impossibility of consensus Jim Aspnes, Sam Toueg and Prasad Jayanti   7
Arbitration-free synchronization Leslie Lamport   8
Personal perspective Michael Fischer  retrospective 9

Guest editors: Hagit Attiya and Sergio Rajsbaum