Gil Einziger

Department of Computer Science
Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
Tel +972-77-8873372
e-mail: gilga (at)
Taub building, room 215

In Brief

PhD Student
Department of Computer Science

Little details are important, yet transparent. If you learn how to observe, and ask good questions, maybe you can understand the obvious details. These are so transparent that they are rarely mentioned or questioned.

My advisor is Roy Friedman.
I am also an Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) scholar.

Research Interests

Distributed Systems
P2P Systems
Runtime optimizations

Research Papers

G. Einziger, R. Friedman and E. Kibbar - Kaleidoscope: Adding Colors to Kademlia (Pdf) (Slides) in IEEE P2P 2013 - best paper nominee!

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - TinyLFU: A Highly Efficient Cache Admission Policy (Pdf) (Slides) in Euromicro PDP 2014