Gil Einziger

Department of Computer Science
Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
Tel +972-77-8873372
e-mail: gilga1983 (at)
Taub building, room 215

In Brief

I graduated PhD in Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in the department of Computer Science in 3.2005. My advisor was Prof. Roy Friedman.

I am now doing a post doc in the polytechnic university of Turin, Italy with prof. Carla Fabiana Chiasserini.

Little details are important, yet transparent. If you learn how to observe, and ask good questions, maybe you can understand the obvious details. These are so transparent that they are rarely mentioned or questioned.

Research Interests

Distributed Systems
P2P Systems
Data Structures

Research Papers

G. Einziger, R. Friedman and E. Kibbar - Kaleidoscope: Adding Colors to Kademlia (Pdf) (Slides) in IEEE P2P 2013 - best paper nominee!

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - TinyLFU: A Highly Efficient Cache Admission Policy (Pdf) (Slides) in Euromicro PDP 2014

G. Einziger, R. Friedman and Y. Kantor - Shades: Expediting Kademlia's Lookup Process. (Pdf) (Slides) in Euro-Par 2014

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - Postman: An Elastic Highly Resilient Publish/Subscribe Framework for Self Sustained Service Independent P2P Networks (Pdf) (Slides) in SSS 2014

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - A Formal Analysis of Conservative Update Based Approximate Counting (Pdf) (Slides) Technical Report CS-2014-04 , ICNC 2015 (CNC Workshop)

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - TinySet - An Access Efficient Self Adjusting Bloom Filter Construction (Pdf) (Slides) Technical Report CS-2015-03

G. Einziger, R. Friedman - Counting with TinyTable: Every Bit Counts! (Pdf) (Slides) Technical Report CS-2015-04

G. Einziger, B. Fellman and Y. Kassner - Independent Counter Estimation Buckets (Pdf) in IEEE INFOCOM 2015