CAPTCHANIM is a combination of CAPTCHA* and ANIMATION, and was developed at the computer science department, Technion by Prof. Gershon Elber. This is how our CAPTCHAs appear on your screen:

Our CAPTCHANIMs are probably the most effective CAPTCHAs you can find. In addition to all the abilities of image based CAPTCHAs, we are taking advantage of the time domain, creating animated CAPTCHAs.  Since the time domain is no stranger to the average person, people find our CAPTCHAS simple and intuitive to read and understand, yet writing software that would read our CAPTCHAS is next to impossible.

So, what makes CAPTCHANIM a good CAPTCHA?

A good, effective CAPTCHA is simple to read and duplicate for the human visitor while effectively stopping computerized “bots” that wish to enter your site or service, or alternatively simply fetch that piece of data (I.e. Email addresses).

* CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart


Dec 5th 2011: CAPTCHANIM is becoming availabe for everyone!

Dec 2nd 2010: Please see our new animation:

Dec 1st 2010: Welcome to our new website!!!

The GateKeeper is designed to be an animated replacement to the standard, static, CAPTCHAs… The DataProtector is a CAPTCHANIM made from your data, such as an Email address, designed to block…   We can also make libraries of CAPTCHANIMs to your specifications and liking…
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