Algebraic Methods in

Geometric Modeling

Special Session at the 23rd International Conference on
Applications of Computer Algebra (
July 17 - 21, 2017, Jerusalem, Israel

Aim and scope

   Geometric Modeling is undergoing a major change in recent years.  Analysis is becoming highly coupled with design, due to isogeometric analysis.  Further, the emergence of modern additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, microstructures’ support and composites necessitates the transition from boundary representations (B-reps) to volumetric representations (V-rep).

   With this added complexity, in this session we will examine recent advancements in algebraic approaches, in managing analysis and synthesis techniques, in geometric modeling.  These include precise constructors for offsets, sweeps and bisectors, methods to synthesize microstructures and represent heterogeneous materials, collision detection and avoidance, and classical as well as modern subtractive and/or additive manufacturing techniques.

   Geometric modeling has also been based on piecewise polynomial and rational forms.  The B-spline representation virtually governs the geometric modeling field and presents advantageous behavior that is also heavily exploited toward the robust solution of (piecewise) polynomial constraints over the reals.  As part of this session, we will briefly survey these subdivision based solvers.

   Anyone that has an original, provocative or inspiring assertion, is invited to contact the organizers for a possible participation in this session.


Additional Speakers


   If you are interested in proposing a talk, please send an abstract by email to one of the organizers (up to 1 page, excluding references). Each presentation, including Q&A, will be 30 minutes. Please use this LaTeX template for your abstract and send both the LaTeX source and a compiled PDF version.

Tentative abstract submission deadline is May 1, 2017; early submissions are appreciated.

Detailed information about the session is posted at the ACA2017 conference web page