Gershon Elber

Technion C.S. CGGC C.S. Technion

Where to find me:

Gershon Elber
Department of Computer Science
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, 32000

Current Areas of Interest and Research:

Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometric Design.
Images and Pictures of Recent Research Projects


For an FTP site of most papers see indexed or direct access.

Research Projects:

IRIT - A solid modeling environment.
PolyCrvtr - triangular meshes with analytic curvature information.
CGGC - Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing.

Fun Projects:

SculpText - 3D Text deformation and animation (PowerPoint Active X plugin).
Escher For Real - Realization of "impossible" scenes from M.C.Escher's Drawings.
Beyond Escher For Real - Realization of "impossible" scenes from other authors.
NCSim - A full 3D CNC/GCode 3-axis simulator.
Wood working hobby - Some turning & CNC wood working I have done.
3D puzzles - Assembly of Three Dimensional Puzzles.
Mosaic4U - Convert your favorite picture to a real tangible mosaics
Captchanim - Create your own free animated captchas' gifs
Ortho Pictures - 3D models from 2D input
Dithered Ortho Pictures - 3D dithering from 2D images