Climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

February 2008


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Peponi Resort, Indian Ocean, Tanzania
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
In February 2008 we have decided it is about time to climb the highest peak in Africa - the Kilimanjaro mountain.
We climbed it in 6 days via the Marangu route. We reached the summit of 5895 meter at 6:10 AM and saw the glacier on our left, the volcano crater on our right and the sunrise ahead.
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  Peponi resort
After climbing the mountain we asked for some advise from our friend Elana, who traveled in Africa for 6 months in the past and wrote a diary about that. Following her tips we took a couple of days off to rest on the Indian ocean coast, in the Peponi resort, near Tanga.






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