Kenya - September 2001



Masai Mara and Lake Nakura
We started our trip with a one week tour in Masai Mara and lake Nakura safaris. But sitting the whole day in the jeep and camera-hunting the poor animals appeared to be less fun than it seemed in the beginning. So instead of continuing the safari tour we decided to do some mountain climbing and found ourselves in Nanyuki, the gate to Mount Kenya climbing.


Climbing Mount Kenya
We climbed Mount Kenya via Sirimon route and descended via Chogoria route and it took as 3 days. Standing on the Pt. Lenana peak, at 4985 meter at sunrise, was really worth the hard climb.


Information about climbing Mount Kenya


Naivasha, Malinda and Lamu
After climbing Mount Kenya, we decided to rest a bit near Naivasha lake. From there we went to Malinda, on the Indian ocean coast and continued to Lamu island.




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