Climbing Mount Kenya:

We climbed Mount Kenya via Sirimon - Chogoria Traverse route.
There are also other possible routes. Naro Moro route is the shortest one and Chogoria - Sirimon route is the same we did in the opposite direction.


Walk description:

First day - from Sirimon  gate (2635 m) up to Old Moses Camp (also called Judmeier Camp) (3340 m) 6-8 hours.

Second day - from Old Moses Camp to Shipton's Camp (4230 m) - 6-7 hours

Third day - climbing at night from Old Moses Camp to Pt. Lenana (4985 m) via Harris Tarn, down from Pt. Lenana to Hall Tarns (4300 m) and from Hall Tarns down to Chogoria gate (3017 m)




Mount Kenya routes map

  Schematic map of the peak region   Topographical map of the peak region










General Tips:

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