Gabi and Li-Tal in India and Nepal

Aug-Oct 2006



Dracha Padum was our first high altitude trek in north India so we decided to take 3 donkeys with us. We crossed 5000 meters Shingo-La pass, walked for a few days in a beautiful valley, visited a secret monastery in the mountains and finished the trek in the capital of Zanskar - Padum.
More information about the Darcha Padum trek.


Leh is the capital of Ladakh region. While we were there a Tibetan festival took place. It was an excellent place to rest between the treks, take Kabala lessons and suffer from severe stomach problems..


Stok Kangri is 6130 meters mountain near Leh. We decided to climb this mountain without a guide. At the height of 6000 meters we understood that this was not so smart idea. We will have to go back there some day, and finish those 130 meters...
More information about the Stok Kangri climb.


Kathmandu. After 52 (!!) hours bus drive from Delhi and one month rice diet  we were glad to find out that Kathmandu is an excellent place to end  our vegetarian diet. You can find our "before and after  1 kilo filet steak" pictures on the wall in the Everest Steak House restaurant...




Everest Base Camp trek. After flying to Lukla, we have traveled for two weeks in the Everest region. We climbed  Kala-Patar (5545 meter) mountain twice to finally get a good view of the Everest. We also visited the Korean and Canadian expeditions in the Everest base camp. On the way to Gokyo lakes we tried to catch up with a "crazy French group" to find our way across a glacier on the 5400 meter Cho La pass. Our luck with the weather ended there and we made our way back to Lukla in the rain.

More info about Everest Base Camp trek.
Pictures from Ilian and Slavei - Bulgarian guys we met during the trek.


Gosaikund trek, also known as "the frozen lake's" trek among the Israelis. This trek in the Langtang region was our last trek in Nepal. After climbing for 2 days, 1200 meters climb each, we reached the sacred, but not frozen lakes. The reflections and the colors of the lakes are really something. On the way back we picked and ate mushrooms, although the local people were terrified by this idea. After this trek we flew back to Delhi, to discover it is not such a dirty city after all and there are much more to see than the Main Bazar.

More information about the Gosaikund trek.

If you liked the pictures, you must see our movie...




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