Walking the Lakes Circuit trek and Climbing Triglav from Bohinj

Triglav Park, Bohinj, Slovenia:


Walk description:

First Day - From Ribčev Laz to Dom Planika - 6-8 hours: From Ribčev Laz (530 m) to Stara Fuzina, to Planinska Koca Na Vojah, to Grintovica (1170 m), to Na Zagonu (1824 m), to Vodnikov Dom (1817) (here you can stay for the first night if you are tired or go on for 2-2.5 hours more to Dom Planika), Konjsko Sedlo (2020 m), Dom Planika (2401)

Second Day - Climbing Triglav - 3-4 hours: From Dom Planika up to Small Triglav (2725) and from there on the exposed ridge to Triglav itself (2864 m) (round 3-4 hours there and back -  ONLY IN GOOD WEATHER).

Second day - from Dom Planika to Koca Pri Triglavskih jezerih - 3.5-4.5 hours: from Dom Planika to Dolic (2151 m), to Cez Hribarice (2358 m), to Seven Lakes, first lake is Zeleno jezero (1988 m), to Koca Pri Triglavskih jezerih (1685).

Third day - From Koca Pri Triglavskih back to Ribčev Laz. There are two ways:

Shorter way - 3-5 hours: From Koca Pri Triglavskih jezerih to Dvojno jez, to Bela Skala, to Crno jesero (black lake) (1294 m), and steep down to Savica waterfall and  Koca pri Savici (653). From there hitch or walk on the road to Ukanc on the lake and from there take short bus to Ribcev Laz.

Longer way - 4-6 hours: From Koca Pri Triglavskih jezerih up to Stapce (1851 m), to Planina ovcarija (1660), to Planina visevnik (1625)), Brezno pri gamsovi glavici, to Kosijev Dom na Vogarju (1054), to Stara Fuzina (546), to Ribcev Laz.

Map of Triglav park
Map of Triglav peak


General Tips: