Our Honey Moon in Alaska

June 2008



Does it remind you anything?

Turnagain Arm and the road to Kenai peninsula. After receiving the luggage with 12 hours delay, we immediately started our way to Kenai peninsula. The road goes along Turnagaim Arm, with its famous, third largest tide in the world.


Primrose and Lost Lake trail, Kenai peninsula. The next day we went for a 2 days hike. The easy hike turned out to be quite challenging, when we found ourselves sleeping on the snow and navigating our way along snowy hills. The frozen Lost Lake  was magnificent.


Kesugi Ridge Trail, Denali State Park.
Instead of going to an overcrowded and overbooked Denali National Park, we hiked the Kesugi Ridge (from Little Coal creek to Ermine hill) in a less famous Denali State Park, which overlooks the McKinley ridge. On the first day we had a splendid weather, but the next day we walked for 6 hours in rain and wind over an exposed ridge. Like some guy we met on the ridge told us: "Get used to it. It's Alaska, dude".


Denali National Park. A bit tired from previous day hiking, we took a rest day in Denali National Park and joined a shuttle bus full of tourist along the park. This is where we regret we did not have 300x zoom camera. With our camera the grizzle bear does not look so big at all.

  26 Glacier Cruise on Prince William Sound. On the conference excursion they took us to a glacier cruise in the Prince William Sound, starting from Whittier. I am not sure we saw all 26 glaciers, but the once we did see were quite impressive.  

Fishing in Anchorage.
While Gabi was working on his conference presentation, Li-Tal went fishing in Anchorage. She did not catch too much, but the locals were much more successful. Check out this huge salmon!


  And now check out all our pictures below:  




McKinley Ridge


Surprise Glacier, on the "26 Glacier Cruise" to Prince William Sound



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