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Name: David Yanay
Office: Derech HaYam 11, Haifa, Israel
Office Phone Number: +972-(0)4-8583435
Cell Phone Number: +972-(0)50-6856644
Email Address: dudu.yanay@gmail.com

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My name is David Yanay.

I have founded PiKoYa Ltd. with two of my good friends Yuval Koren and Roni Pinhasik. PiKoYa (i) develops software for establishing new campaigns, managing and optimizing running campaigns automatically and (ii) develops various of innovative smart phone applications, Facebook pages and web sites.

Currently I am working on highly sophisticated web server platform named NicheSites.

Using this platform we can launch a new website in minutes while focusing only on it's design and content. Through this platform we easily control on everything we need regarding the various websites such adding content, changing design and appearance, targeting the content to user's demographics and device, advertisements placement, personalizing the content according to selected strategies and the like.

In addition, the platform is built for scale and can automatically increase/decrease it's worker machines number according to the realtime traffic.

At present we launched many Games related websites via NicheSites platform that address users from all the niches, genders, ages and types, such as:

I was a graduate student at the Technion (Israel Institute Of Technology) in the Computer Science Department.

My research interests are: Natural language processing, Semantic Relatedness, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval.

My thesis was on "Supervised Learning of Semantic Relatedness" (ECML/PKDD 2012 Paper).

I was a Teaching Assistant in the course Combinatorics for Computer Science (Discrete Math and Graph Theory) - four semesters TA in charge.

My Curriculum Vitae.

A project in algorithms which I did is available from here.