Doron Lipson's Homepage

2010-present Foundation Medicine, Cambridge MA
Director, Computational Biology Methods
2007-2010 Helicos BioSciences, Cambridge MA
Senior Informatics Scientist
2002-2007 ProteOptics, Haifa, Israel
(now Bio-Rad Haifa)
Co-founder and consultant
2003-2005 Agilent Technologies,
Petach-Tikva, Israel
Research Intern, Agilent Labs
2003-2007 Technion Ph.D., Computer Science
"Computational Aspects of DNA Copy Number Measurement" [Thesis]

Advisor: Dr. Zohar Yakhini
2000-2002 Technion M.Sc., Computer Science, Cum Laude
Optimization Problems in Design of Olinucleotides for Hybridization-based Methods" [Thesis]

Advisors: Dr. Zohar Yakhini and Prof. Uri Sivan
1998-2000 Hebrew University B.Sc., Computer Science and Biology, Cum Laude
  • Agilent LSCA Innovation Merit Award, 2006

  • Agilent Fellowship, 2005-2006.

  • Barney Oliver Award for Innovation, 2005

  • "Amirim" honors program, Faculty of Sciences, Hebrew University, 1999-2000.

  • "Etgar" honors program, School of Life Sciences, Hebrew University, 1998-2000. 

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