Romaji(ロマ字) to Kanji(漢字)

JavaScript interface to KanjiDic

Do you want to write a short thing in Hiragana(平仮名), Katakana(片仮名) or Kanji, but you lack the proper keyboard or software? If you have a Unicode font with Japanese in it, this may be the page for you! Just type in the Japanese text in Romaji and its Hiragana/Katakana will appear. If you typed a reading(読み) of a Kanji, all possible Kanjis will show.

Possible Kanji:

Selected Kanji:

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Data comes from KANJIDIC Last Updated: 14AUG2004 Copyright (C) 2004 James William Breen.
See the kanjidic_doc.html file for full details.
Converted to this interactive JavaScript by Dan Kenigsberg, Copyright (C) 2005. My conversion is released under the GPL. If you think that the GPL is incompatible with Monash University's copyright over the major part of this work, your license to use it is now revoked.
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