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This multi-user system in virtual reality environment project were written as a project in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory by Yohai Makbily under the supervision of Dr. Craig (Chaim) Gotsman.

The Main Goal

Definition, analysis, design and development of a virtual reality multi user environment system based on centralized (client-server) model . This program is meant to be a case study to experiment with, in order to identify the needs such a system should handle and the capabilities we are posed with.

General Description

Virtual Reality Environments system is a software environment representing a 3D model to simulate our real world in some aspects. The model is dynamic and interactive. Humans are navigating around. In Virtual Environments(VE) terms the 3D model representing a virtual reality place is called "world" and the human representation is called "avatar". Each avatar is actually a user that is connected to a central server via the Internet, and gets the world description to walkthrough. Then the user choose his avatar to be represented to other users and send it to the server. From that time the user is allowed to navigate through the model and to see other users navigating too. This is done by the network layer. Each user can see different view of the world according to his position and orientation. For debug mode the server has its own view on any point and orientation as the "big brother". The server has no avatar. In this project the topology of the distributed part is by a central server, in other words client-server model. each message to the server is broadcast to the other users.

This project has three sub-projects. Two are infrastructure for further development. And the third is a sample program based on the former.

In this first and in the second infrastructures the world is static, the user can not change the world, but just navigate in it and see others navigating too.

Key Concepts

The main key concepts of distributed virtual environments systems are:

The main goal of this project infrastructure it to be a test bed for algorithms and data structures to improve the system performance. The performance has two factors:



Programs :



The following references have a lot related to the topic of the project and a little to the project itself.

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Created on : Juny 16 ,1997