Grow's Irit Functions

 Grow is supplied with some Irit functions that were created in order to ease seeds creation from within the Irit parser. The functions were written using Irit version 7.0, but may be compatible with
lower versions.


 StringType createSeed( PointType P, VectorType H,  VectorType L,
                                         VectorType U, StringType classFilename,
                                         StringType parametersFilename );
 Creates a seed with position P, heading H, left vector L, up vector U, classFilename and parametersFilename.
 One of H, L and U may be a vector(0,0,0) and in that case it is assumed to be the cross product of the other two (that is, the seed will automatically contain the expected vector's value).
 parametersFilename may be an empty string, and in that case it is omitted from the seed.


  ListType getShowSeed( StringType seed );

 Returns a list of objects in a manner suitable for a graphical display, which represents the seed.
 The seed graphical display is combined of a point at the seed location and 3 arrows: red for H, green for L and blue for U.
 See VIEWOBJ for information about displaying the seed.