Rounded Rectangle:  Implementation Algorithms




Goal  :   Synthesis 3D stone models from scanned models by

              Statistical Learning of Multi-Dimensional Textures

              (master thesis of Ziv Bar-Joseph)


Algorithm :


1.      Scanning a few stones on 3D scanner.

     After converting we have VRML 2.0 models (scaned_stones)


  2. Transforming 3D models into 2D signals by mapping it onto 

       spherical domain, cubic domain:




       and by transferring the cubic domain to image: 




   3. Creating “Steerable Pyramid” ( part 3.3 of thesis ) for each input 2D signal,

       that is trees represents spectral defragmentation of 2D signal.





   4   Filters that  used in creating Steerable Pyramid was taken from following link  :





   5. Generating a new random tree by “statistically merging” ( part 5.2 of thesis )

        the trees of the input signals.




   6. Creating 2D signal from generated ( merged ) tree.


   7. Transforming the image domain to cubic,

       and  then transforming 2D signal back into 3D model.




   8. Mapping  texture on 3D model.










   In addition, there is an option to synthesize the textures by the same process ( steps 2-5 ).




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