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        Stone Synthesis (zipped exe) [242 Kb] 3D Model synthesis program

        Stone Synthesis (zipped source) [437 Kb] 3D Model synthesis source (VC++ 6.0 project)

        Manual 3D (ppt) [1.27 Mb] User Manual for Stone Synthesis


        Texture Synthesis (zipped exe) [23 Kb] 2D Model synthesis program

        Texture Synthesis (zipped source) [90 Kb] 2D Model synthesis source (VC++ 6.0 project)

        Manual 2D (ppt) [980 Kb] User Manual for Texture Synthesis


        Scanned Stones (zipped wrl) [10.1 Mb] Scanned 3D stone models (VRML 2.0)

        Textures (zipped ppm) [1.79 Mb] Collection of textures that suit to stones



        Presentation (ppt) [1.37 Mb] Presentation of the project

        Thesis (pdf) [5.7 Mb] Thesis of Ziv Bar-Joseph

        Win Jpeg 2.76 (zipped appl) [430 Kb] Application to view and create textures


        Download Folder Open folder with all download files





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