Using Second Reality.
Second Reality is an OpenGL based application and runs under IRIX on SGI Machines.

in the command line the user can specify a desired *.sr file or several models in *.dat or *.dat.Z format. A texture can also be specified.

On execution the user gets a large Drawing Area and Some control menus. The Drawing Area is resizable, and changing its size will affect the size of the rendered image.

The user can transform 3D objects in space. He can translate, rotate or scale any of the objects or all of them at once. He can group some objects into one, or ungroup a complex object to its ingredients. objects can be added or removed from the scene, object attributes like: color, fineness, appearance etc' can be manipulated.

At all time, one of the objects is selected. The Selected object is marked with bounding box and all transformations and modifications will be applied on it. the user can choose to transform all objects altogether. in that case a bounding box around all objects in the scene will indicate that choice. Textures in *.jpg, *.ppm, or *.rle can be chosen to make the stereogram. many paprameters control the resulting SIRDS image, and are explained in detail in Sirds Options.

The user at ant time can save a constructed scene and all relevant parameters and variables into an *.sr file. Once loaded an *.sr file will reconstruct the entire system status as in time of save, including all models, texture, attributes, SIRDS parameters etc'.

Four differend kinds of images can be rendered by Second Reality. 1) Shading model of the scene.
2) Colorful depth map of the scene.
3) A Chromatek image od the Scene (Viewable with special ChromaDepth 3D glasses) 4) A SIRDS image in parallel or clrossed eyes viewing method. Images larger than the Screens drawing area can be rendered, so one can make high resolution posters with Second Reality.

The Control Menus are:

Main Controls
Color Options
Sirds Options
Object Setting
Image Options

Each control menu has a 'Fold Menu/Unfold Menu' button. The user can use these buttons to unfold a menu in order to use it, or fold it back when it is unused or in the way.